Logistics IT solutions

Logistics software solutions are provided for the implementation of complex ways in order to create a smart system to manage material, informational and human flows. The main idea of this industry is optimizing all possible resources to achieve the best performance, the same concept TwinCore uses when creating software.


TwinCore IT solutions for the logistics industry organizations

  • Saas, Cloud and On-premise solutions

  • CRM, ERP systems

  • Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

  • Rate Engine software

  • Warehouse Management Systems

  • E-commerce solutions for Manufacturers

  • Shipment booking applications

  • Integration support: FedEx API, USPS API, UPS API, DHL

  • Dispatch trucking operations

  • Providers of price, routes & transportation comparison

  • Material handling and storage options

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Consulting

  • Protected payment options

  • Business Data Analytics

  • Data Information security

  • Build custom LoadBoard

What can we offer for a logistics company?

Current IT system audit

Analysis of IT infrastructure is one of the main stages that need to be implemented in order to get an objective vision about system workflow. By conducting a complex audit, you’ll find all the existing issues and disadvantages of a cloud-based management system, software, applications, information resources, and security. The obtained information will help to apply the right strategy and make the best development choices. Moreover, thanks to the IT audit results, the possible failures, as well as lost time and money can be prevented.

Improve existing software

If there are often errors, miscommunications, and other issues in a logistic organization, it probably means that their current software doesn’t perfectly match with businesses goals and objects of the company. After reviewing the existing IT infrastructure disadvantages, we create a strategic plan that needs to be implemented in order to prevent further failures. Based on these recommendations, we improve the company's current IT system, so there will be no unexpected expenses in the future.

Get the right solution

The main idea of a powerful IT infrastructure is to cover all key business processes of a company. The software should optimize and streamline all kinds of logistics areas: production, inventory management, procurement, warehouse operations, distribution, and transportation. That’s why TwinCore creates CRM, ERP, Web, SaaS and Cloud solutions from scratch in order to satisfy all company needs.

Involve IT consulting

In order to achieve important logistics industry objectives, organizations should know what area of information technologies needs to be reorganized and improved, as well as what performance level a company can achieve in case of focusing on this issues. Logistics IT consulting involves monitoring and managing the existing system, its resources optimization and securing.

The technologies we use: