TwinCore provides consulting and software development solutions for hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and medical centers depending on the needs and peculiarities of the medical sector.

We build Healthcare Software Solutions according to the contemporary vision of the Healthcare Industry.


Main stages of IT improvement for the Healthcare Industry

IT Software
Audit & Consulting

The main key in providing Healthcare IT solutions is to make a powerful analysis of the existing situation to see all possible ways of improvement. This stage helps to find all shortcomings at different levels inside the organization.

From Scenarios
to Strategies

At this stage, we select the right IT solution for medical organizational needs. Based on the analysis of the organization, we choose the best performing way to implement and optimize the healthcare CRM, CMS, ERP systems, then build them from the scratch and create applications for the staff and patients.

Healthcare Software

TwinCore develops personalized medical software that helps to find the right way to receive, store, manage, and process all information and resources provided by patients, doctors, administration and laboratories inside the organizations. Automatization of the treatment system is the best way to modernize the medical organization.

Solutions for the Healthcare Industry provided by TwinCore

  • Registration, conducting and maintaining of patient’s medical history

  • Providing the automated treatment system

  • Patient treatment according to insurance

  • Preserving the history of doctors visits for each patient

  • Managing the doctors and work personnel

  • Storing information on treatments prescribed by doctors

  • Managing a payment history of each patient

  • Creating a detailed report about patients' treatments

  • Tools for providing engagement of doctors and patients

  • Integration with internal systems

  • Synchronization of results with web analytics

  • Creation of simple access to medical records and results of the lab analysis

  • Online medical consultation and treatment

  • Creation of a system for managing financial gains and costs

  • Instant technical support

Healthcare Industry directions

The medical sphere has a lot of branches, so it's important to build software in accordance with the specifics of each one.

TwinCore can create, improve and support IT solutions for various areas of the Healthcare Industry:

District hospitals and specialized centers like surgery, birth centers
Specialized hospitals like children’s, psychiatric, geriatric hospitals and trauma centers
Pharmaceutical companies: drug manufacturers, drug marketing companies and biotechnology centers
Medical clinics like dental and sexual health clinics
Private and community medical laboratories
Home healthcare: in-home nursing, physical therapy, life assistance services
Plastic surgery centers and rehabilitation centers

What technologies do we use: