Real Estate Industry IT Solutions

In order to resolve the challenges of the Real Estate Industry, the best way is to provide Software solutions that will be created in accordance with organization characteristics, needs and strategies. Individualization of each case is an important stage for getting good results and increasing income of the companies.


Full Software Development Cycle for Real Estate Services

IT audit & consulting
of organization

Get qualified assistance in order to find the weaknesses and strengths of an existing system to provide the right solution.

Implementation of POC and MVP for your startup

Proof and Concept and Minimum Viable Product are two powerful ways to be sure that you choose the right idea and wrap it with less effort.

Improvement of existing Applications & Systems

Real Estate businesses often face different kinds of gaps while using their software, web and desktop applications, so it’s important to fix them in the right way.

Creation of Applications& Website Solutions from scratch

Develop business by introducing Real Estate CMS, CRM and ERP systems and applications that will meet all the needs of its customers & managers.

What TwinCore can provide for your business

  • Create a custom solution for Real Estate agencies

  • Create a website for selling and renting Real Estate objects

  • Show real-estate objects on Google/Bing map

  • Implement custom user area on the website

  • Create cloud-based management systems

  • Add a shopping cart to the websites & apps

  • Track customers interactions & communications

  • Secure & maintenance the database

Our solutions include:


Dynamic real-estate properties
Support different types of storage for media files: Azure, AWS
Ability to sync with Zillow database


Powerful software development not only deciding existing problems of the industry but also helps to prevent financial losses. There are several important elements that need to be considered for providing Real Estate software: maintenance of the database, tracking of all new information, processing of communications with contacts, providing of a smart system for managing and analyzing customer interactions.

That's why TwinCore creates solutions that help to solve all the possible issues and implement the latest technologies to prevent any possible shortcomings in the workflow of Real Estate organizations.

Technologies what we use to provide IT Real Estate solutions