CRM software - is it a real solution for businesses?

CRM solutions

Customer Relationship Management solutions became a real panacea for companies of all businesses types and industries. CRM system is a software build in order to keep and manage interactions with customers, automate sales processes and improve profitability. However, let’s outline what does it stand for, what are the main reasons for its implementation and what advantages can organizations  get with it.

Tech New World analyzed surveys of over 500 organizations in different areas and found that CRM solutions can meet the needs of almost all types of companies. The following infographics describes the main benefits for businesses which they want to achieve by using CRM.

Infographics CRM

But what are the most beneficial reasons for investing in CRM solutions? We analyzed this question and want to share a list of advantages for an organization in case of using the Customer Relationship Management software.

Sales growth

According to the Forrester research report, conversion rates can be boosted up to 300 percent with a CRM system. This solution is a driving force for increasing of purchases  and reducing of costs. By storing and managing all the information about involving customers, emails and calls, order history - sales team gets a full view for optimizing sales and close them with less effort. Moreover, analysis of interactions of leads and prospects, marketing activities and personalized information of potential customers results in higher chances for them to become buyers. The main idea is to send the right message to your customers, and the best way for that is to process all this data in one place.

Personalized features

A company can use the cloud CRM tools, but even if choosing custom features that are close to your requirements, they won’t perfectly meet the market needs. The deal is that organizations different businesses types have different structure, features, and resources. When creating CRM software, B2B and B2C сompanies should be centered on different proposals, customer segmentation and sales funnel. That’s why the software created from scratch will implement all individual features. Startups, enterprises, and SMBs should focus on the same approach when choosing a solution for their industry.

Costs reducing

Forrester Research reported that respondents who use CRM software get an overall reduction in labor costs by 20%. Moreover, nearly 50% of the analyzed organizations mentioned that their productivity is growing. There are several reasons why CRM system helps to get such results: improved data processing across an organization, automated synchronization from multiple channels, no duplication of customer records, fast information transfer between all departments, and the main one is the ability to reduce time spent on closing business deals.

Analytics visualization

Get a 360-degree view on your performance to see how efficient are the processes across your organization. CRM software integrates with different systems, so all data can be easily visualized and compared in one place. Higher visibility of essential information helps to find existing weaknesses, so companies reduce costs on additional researches. In-depth reports increase results of marketing activities, campaigns are more successful because of more efficient targeting and it brings high-quality leads. Therefore, marketing and sales teams can improve their activities and streamline processes by using CRM analytics reports.

CRM for startups, enterprises, and SMBs is a real solution as it helps to optimize a huge quantity of companies’ areas: manage business processes, inventory, sales, deals with suppliers and partners, interactions with leads, prospects, and customers. In order to build software for your company, please contact TwinCore.