ASP.NET CMSs Overview


ASP.NET CMS is a software solution that automates all the processes related to content managing, storing, and publishing with the use of ASP.NET technologies. There are many popular and fast-growing Content Management System platforms that can be used. However, it’s hard to choose the right one that will be flexible, configurable, with easy data portability, required extensions, and add-ons.

We decided to analyze the different types of ASP.NET Content Management Systems in order to help you find a reliable and powerful solution. We reviewed a few of them, highlighted their main features, characteristics, and market share.

CMS Customers Live websites Additional
DNN 263,945 websites 70,197 live websites 193,748 sites that used DNN software historically
Umbraco 91,124 websites 18,359 live websites 72,765 sites that used Umbraco historically
Kentico 91,001 websites 15,076 live websites 75,925 sites that used Kentico historically
Orchard 28,800 websites 8,344 live websites 20,456 sites that used Orchard historically

Statistics from BuiltWith reports, May 2020

Usage statistics for the popular ASP.NET Based CMS platforms is displayed in the table above. However, the popularity is not the most important measure for the choosing of the right solution since there are many fast-growing ASP.NET CMS software that can fit business requirements completely. That’s why we prepared an in-depth review of a few powerful platforms that can be fully customized.


Umbraco is a flexible open-source software for web content publishing; it also has a paid cloud version and add-ons. It is written in C#, stores its data in a relational database, and works with the Microsoft IIS (Microsoft Internet Information Services). Due to information provided on the Umbraco website, the number of active installs at the moment is 502567, there are 221745 active members in the community, and this number is constantly growing. The main advantage of this platform is that it can be easily customized for different types of business, from a small company to a huge complicated enterprise system.

Top features are:

  • Easy deployment

Umbraco can be easily deployed by small-size websites, because of the ability to run on a single server with database and web tier

  • User-friendly experience

The intuitive editing experience, cross-platform options, and responsiveness are the features that make the software more convenient and flexible to use.

  • Umbraco Cloud

Umbraco Cloud is built on an innovative Microsoft Azure platform and it’s a paid hosting, which includes security features.

  • Latest design

Umbraco implements a modern design and UX trends, it supports responsive functionalities and is adapted for mobile and tablet devices.


DotNetNuke is an application development framework and open-source web content management platform based on Microsoft .NET framework. It supports the extensible modular structure and has smart features for plugins and themes. DNN is a solution that doesn’t require technical knowledge for managing a CMS. Its ecosystem is the biggest among the .NET CMS’s, and the number of community members is over a million.

Top features are:

  • Third-party modules

DNN functionality allows adding third-party modules or choosing them from a module store, or creating via custom development.

  • Security

DotNetNuke security service was tested by government agencies, and The U.S. Department of Defense runs a large number of sites on DNN.

  • Portal based

DNN architecture is based in portals and gives an ability to run multiple sites after only one DotNetNuke installation.

  • Strong management

Via Multi-site management options, architectured in the core platform, a great amount of sites can be managed there.

  • Advanced features

DNN provides powerful tools for Marketers and IT teams, such as advertisement management, multilingual options, analytics, intranet solutions, and many others.

Orchard Core

Orchard Core is an application framework and open-source Content Management System for ASP.NET Core. Multiple websites can be managed after Orchard CMS installation and the features can be easily customized due to the business needs. It is a flexible and extensible solution.

Top features are:

  • Simple features management

Admin panel functions, user interface appearance, and other options can be easily enabled, replaced and disabled via Orchard Core modules.

  • Localization

Website content can be localized to the preferred language, so all the texts can be multilingual.

  • Performance

Orchard Core CMS works extremely fast. The last version has almost twenty times more speed than the previous one.

  • Multi-tenant

The system allows to host many websites after only one deployment.


Kentico is a web content management system written in C# for websites development using Visual Studio and Microsoft MVC. It is a paid solution and has several subscription plans. Kentico Content Management System is supported 24/7 and has bug-fixing options. Kentico is a popular all-in-one platform and is used in 120 countries at the moment.

Top features are


  • Modules

There are five main directions that can be covered by Kentico functionality: Web Content Management, Online Communities, Intranet and Collaboration, Online Marketing, E-commerce.

  • Simple integration

Kentico CMS has an open API that can be integrated with a huge number of back-end systems to provide a rich set functionality.

  • Security

Kentico has Double Opt-in registration, Module and user permissions, authentication features, as well as other security options to keep all the data safe and secured.

  • Rich functionality

Kentico CMS platform offers a large number of features and fully configurable options.


Squidex CMS is a headless open-source software that supports a large number of API endpoints. There is a free starter plan, as well as a few paid pricing plans depending on the business needs and company size. Squidex CMS system is different from many existing platforms on the market.

Top features are:

  • Versioning

Via Content Versioning system: it’s easy to compare versions and roll back any changes in content if it’s needed.

  • Localization

Content can be localized to the multiple languages. Squidex CMS has language configuration options, localization fields for the mixed content. Strong Editorial Experience Squidex has powerful editing options, such as inline editable fields and simple integration with a custom editor.

  • Strong Editorial Experience

Squidex has powerful editing options, such as inline editable fields and simple integration with a custom editor.

  • Assets

Asset management solution includes an automatically tagging, powerful folder structure, strong metadata system, and assets identifiers.

If you need a custom ASP.NET CMS software, contact us directly and we’ll build the right solution for your business.