Mobile application development

A mobile application is an excellent solution for businesses, as it helps to improve users engagement, boost conversions, to get a better ranking with in-app SEO optimization, to provide a user-friendly experience, to simplify communications, to increase accessibility and to reduce costs. We take care of projects at any stage, as we create applications from scratch, analyze, improve existing ones, and support them.

Your mobile application can become a key to win in the competitive market


Benefits the businesses get from their mobile applications

Boost Profit

Usage of mobile applications has increased extremely for the last few years and, as a result, the sales made from apps have grown significantly. This is a convenient way for customers to make instant orders and get responses without delays. Moreover, this is an opportunity for businesses to get cost reducements in the advertisement and marketing activities.

Accessibility Increase

Your customers have instant access to your products and services via mobile applications. They can get quick responses without using email, make orders in a few clicks, view updates in an easy way. Approachability grows not only because of alerts and notifications sent via mobile apps but especially through access to your business just in one tap.

Customer Retention

Companies can send instant push-notifications, podcasts and regular updates via mobile apps, so you can always be in touch with your customers. The more attention you pay to the clients via your mobile app, the more profit you get. This is a great option as retained customers are extremely valuable to the businesses.

Involve IT consulting

To achieve important logistics industry objectives organizations should know what area of information technologies needs to be reorganized, improved and what performance company can get if focuses on this issues. Logistics IT consulting cover monitoring and managing of an existing system, its resources optimization and securing.

Device Features

Usage of mobile applications gives an ability for customers to get more options, interact with them and this is a great way to improve customers experience. Your clients can make payments, scan QR codes, connect with maps. There can be other smart features created for a specific industry that help to grow clients loyalty.

Features and capabilities provided by mobile app development company TwinCore:

Our mobile applications connect each business with its audience, grow brand visibility, help to optimize sales, reduce costs, and those are the most beneficial reasons why you should have one. Also, it helps to enhance management, improve SEO ranking results, and increase brand awareness. It’s also a smart way to build successful customer experience via permanent instant online and offline access.

  • Business-oriented mobile applications development
  • iOS & Android applications development from scratch
  • Analysis and Consulting
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Instant Push Notifications
  • Database Management
Mobile software development features
  • Improve existing Web & Mobile applications
  • Support mobile applications
  • Communication Channels
  • Social Media integration
  • Adding functionality
  • Safe and Secure

TwinCore mobile development solutions

  • Business mobile applications

  • Utility mobile applications

  • E-commerce mobile applications

  • Retail mobile applications

  • Logistic & Shipment mobile applications

Mobile software development
  • Entertainment mobile applications

  • Educational mobile applications

  • Travel mobile applications

  • Financial and Insurance mobile applications

  • Healthcare mobile applications

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