Azure Development

Start feeling the benefits of Cloud now. Let the Cloud infrastructure work for you



Why Microsoft Azure

  • Has comprehensive set of tools & services to build the modern software for the business needs - web application, database development, distributed software
  • Your software comes with out-of-box enabled application metrics and logging tools
  • Has best securities practices


We can help you

  • Build a custom cloud-based web application hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Migrate your existing software to the Azure cloud
  • Optimize the performance of your cloud-based solution
  • Find the right pricing plan for your cloud-hosted software
  • Improve the security of your existing Azure-hosted application
  • Improve the performance of Azure SQL database or AppService without scale up procedure to minimize monthly bills
  • Develop distributed application based on Azure Functions
  • Move assets (images and other files) to the secured cloud storage - Azure Blob Storage


Case studies

  • If your software isn't hosted in Microsoft Azure, and you've decided to move it to the cloud but lack expertise, we can provide you with a short session to discuss the pros and cons you may encounter
  • Your software is hosted in Microsoft Azure, and you want to optimize monthly invoices and find the right pricing plan for your software
  • Your Azure SQL database is running slowly, and you want to improve its performance without upgrading to the next pricing plan