AWS Development

Begin experiencing the advantages of the AWS Cloud today. Harness the capabilities of AWS infrastructure to your advantage


We can help you

aws development
cloud storage

Build a custom cloud-based web application hosted on Amazon AWS


Migrate your existing software to the AWS cloud

cloud watch

Monitor and optimize the performance of your AWS solution based on AWS CloudWatch


Find the right pricing plan for your AWS-based software

risk analysis

Monitor and Threat detection - set up comprehensive security monitoring and alerting using Amazon CloudWatch and AWS GuardDuty


Develop distributed application based on AWS Lambda


Set up AWS S3 storage and establish a connection and data-migration with your web application

Why AWS Cloud

cloud storage

Application Hosting: AWS offers various web application hosting services, such as Amazon EC2, which provides virtual servers, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk, a user-friendly platform for effortless application deployment


Backup & Recovery: For the sake of business continuity, AWS delivers disaster recovery and backup solutions to safeguard your data and operations.

cloud watch

Scalability: For fluctuating workloads, AWS allows you to scale resources as required, ensuring both performance and cost-efficiency.

Case studies


Your monolith-based .NET software requires performance optimization, and you intend to utilize distributed AWS Lambda functions to transition it to a microservices architecture


If your application is suffering from poor performance, and you're unsure about the sources of bottlenecks, we will conduct thorough performance monitoring. Subsequently, we'll furnish you with a comprehensive plan outlining potential improvements