Real-Time Load Board for Carriers and Brokers

Our team has engineered a sophisticated Real-Time Load Board for Carriers and Brokers for a dynamic logistics enterprise. Load Board is a platform that allows drivers (with tracks) to search for loads and brokers to search for tracks to haul their cargo from point A to point B.

Project duration
2 years
3 senior full-stack developers
1 designer
1 devops
About the client

One of our clients is a visionary logistics company whose aim was to use technology to deliver more efficient operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience. This drive for evolving into an efficient era made them come to us, the team from Twincore. The main goal is to forecast profits based on statistical data. That is, the system allows you to identify the places with the highest losses/alerts in the business process and respond to them accordingly. That is, if a carrier is constantly late with departure/arrival at the point of unloading/loading, the company will suffer losses due to staff downtime, the system user can detect this and replace it with another carrier, for example.

The project goal

Our client, a medium-sized logistics company, was looking for a robust technology solution to try and improve their operational efficiency and cut costs. The team also wanted a full-suite solution to handle real-time order tracking, boost carrier management, implement demand forecasting via predictive analytics, and introduce communication and payment between shippers and carriers. To ensure efficient operation and protection of business processes, the system must meet the following technical requirements:

  • The system must be reliable and protected from hacker attacks, ensuring the protection of confidential information. Modern methods of data encryption and user authentication should be used to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Implementation of a cluster architecture for horizontal scaling will allow the system to withstand high loads without losing performance. This will ensure the stable operation of the system in real-time, which is critical for the operational management of orders and transportation.
  • The use of data replication methods minimizes the risk of losing important information. The system must ensure high data availability and backup to reduce the likelihood of data loss.


    For this, we started with a 2-year-long development journey to build a complex Real-Time Load Board for Carriers and Brokers that tackles the requirements of the client from all angles, pointing to seamless service. This was a ground-breaking system, completely changing how they manage their logistics operations by providing them with a unique set of advanced features and technologies to improve efficiency, reliability, and scalability.

    Key Components of the Solution:

    • Real-time order management. Our system provides real-time visibility into orders throughout their lifecycle, enabling proactive management and timely decision-making.
    • Automated load matching and booking. Streamlined processes for matching freight with available carriers, automating booking processes to optimize efficiency and reduce operational overhead.
    • Predictive analytics for demand forecasting. Leveraging historical data and advanced algorithms to forecast demand patterns, enabling proactive resource allocation and operational planning.
    • Cost analysis and optimization tools. Tools and dashboards for analyzing operational costs, identifying inefficiencies, and implementing strategies for cost reduction and optimization.
    • Integrated communication and collaboration platforms. Seamless communication channels between shippers and carriers, facilitating real-time updates, alerts, and negotiations.
    • Robust carrier management and verification. Comprehensive tools for onboarding, managing, and verifying carriers to ensure compliance, safety, and reliability in operations.
    • Comprehensive reporting and performance tracking. Customizable reports and metrics dashboards to monitor KPIs such as On-Time Delivery Rate, Cost Per Mile/Kilometer, and Shipment Accuracy, enabling continuous performance improvement.
    • Microservice architecture. Leveraging a microservices architecture for scalability and flexibility, allowing independent development and deployment of components while ensuring system resilience and performance under high workloads.
    Technologies used
    ASP.NET Core
    Entity Framework
    MS SQL
    ELK stack
    analytics reports
    microservice architecture

    After the successful implementation of the Real-Time Load Board for Carriers and Brokers, our client experienced transformative outcomes across their logistics operations, driving efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction to new heights:

    • Predictive profitability forecasting. One of the principle desires of the solution turned into offering our client the potential to correctly predict their profitability using superior analytics. By the use of predictive analytics and complete cost analysis equipment, our client won deep know-how of the capacity sales and fees associated with each logistics operation. This foresight not handiest facilitated informed choice-making, but also allowed for proactive changes to operational techniques, ensuring sustainable profitability and monetary balance.
    • Enhanced operational efficiency. The system's real-time order management capabilities enabled our client to streamline operations significantly. Automated processes for load matching, booking, and order tracking reduced manual intervention, minimizing errors and operational delays.
    • Cost savings and optimization. By leveraging predictive analytics and cost analysis tools, our client achieved substantial cost savings. Insights gained from historical data and real-time analytics allowed for better resource allocation, route optimization, and overall operational efficiency improvements.
    • Scalability and performance. The microservices architecture and containerization with Docker and Kubernetes ensured the system's scalability and performance under varying workloads. Our client could seamlessly scale resources and add functionalities without compromising system stability or performance.
    • Improved customer satisfaction. Enhanced communication and collaboration tools facilitated smoother interactions between shippers and carriers. Real-time updates, automated notifications, and transparent tracking capabilities improved service reliability and customer satisfaction levels.
    • Comprehensive reporting and insights. The system's robust reporting and performance tracking capabilities provided actionable insights into key metrics such as On-Time Delivery Rate, Cost Per Mile/Kilometer, and Shipment Accuracy. This empowered our client to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and continuously improve operational efficiency.
    • Adherence to compliance and safety standards. The integrated carrier management and verification tools ensured compliance with industry regulations and safety standards. This enhanced trust and reliability in our client's services, further strengthening their market position.
    • Business growth and competitiveness. With a technologically advanced and scalable solution in place, our client was well-positioned for future growth and competitiveness in the dynamic logistics industry. The system's flexibility and adaptability allowed our client to respond swiftly to market demands and customer expectations.
    Driving Future Innovation in Logistics with Twincore's Advanced Software Solutions

    By launching the Real-Time Load Board for Carriers and Brokers, our client has taken another huge step towards operational excellence and emerging as a leader in the logistics sector. Collaborating with our team the client not only converted their immediate operational challenges but also set them up for further development and competitive advantage in the market that was shifting.

    By using cutting-edge technologies such as microservices architecture, Docker, Kubernetes, and predictive analytics our clients got better in crucial business metrics Its ability to perform real-time order management, automated load matching, and demand forecasting using predictive analytics helped our client to optimize resource utilization, bring down costs and improve overall operational efficiency.

    In addition, it improved transparency, dependability, and customer satisfaction by combining solid communication and collaboration platforms with in-depth reporting and performance monitoring solutions. These changes not only improved internal effectiveness but also improved customer and partner relationships, in turn, creating increased levels of trust and loyalty.

    In the long term, not only will the scalability and flexibility built into the system's architecture, guarantee our client the capacity to expand and evolve by market trends and customer needs. This allows our client to use Real-Time Carrier Order Manager to facilitate its innovation strategies and drive success with continuous improvement in future technology landscapes.

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