CRM Software Solutions

Customer Relationship Management system is a software created in order to gather, store and manage all information about customer involvement, history of orders, calls, email conversations, as well as other important details.

CRM allows to automate sales operations, to structure information, to control marketing activities, to track interactions with leads, prospects, clients and other operational data in one place. Moreover, it helps to store and analyze all communications and deals with suppliers and partners.


We create CRM software for businesses


Main reasons to use CRM software for small business are the ability to streamline sales, save time on manual data processing, manage your pipelines, databases of prospective clients, and even provide sales teams with personalized information for correct segmentation of prospects. Customer Relationship Management system that was created according to specification and individual needs of the growing SMBs companies will speed up information processing, customers serving and data transmitting inside the organization.


Big companies need to process a huge variety of data, so it’s really complicated to manage information from different channels and quickly operate it by all departments without a customizable system. In this case, enterprise CRM software is the best way to improve processes at every stage of the sales funnel, provide automated data entry, track communications with existing customers, interactions with leads and prospects, analyze and visualize all these details in a simple way.


CRM for startups should fulfill all the specific needs of the business, so the best solution, in this case, is to build such software entirely from scratch. The deal is that not any type of CRM will gain peculiarities of each startup, that’s why it is really important to use software that will be customizable and scale as fast as the company grows. Benefits of using such system are an ability to implement custom functions, integrate with favorite systems, manage and segment customers, process and analyze information correctly, as well as make quick business decisions based on it.

TwinCore CRM software across business types

There’s a huge difference in approaches of choosing B2B and B2C CRM solutions, especially when it comes to stages of the funnel, communication process, and customer segmentation.


Business to business key points are focused on smaller contact database, more individualized trading process, a longer length of decision-making as its main purpose is solution selling. B2B CRM system wins over complex challenges of this scenario, also helps to automate sales and close them in shorter terms.


B2C CRM system optimizes sales process, controls a huge quantity of communications and customer data, operates company resources in the right way, manages documents, marketing activities and gets better results based on complete visualization of every stage.

TwinCore CRM systems features

  • Customer database management

  • Business process management

  • Performance and analytics visualization

  • Sales process automation

  • Integration capability

  • Marketing automation

  • Account management

  • Issues and tasks support

  • Interactions tracking

  • Document storage

  • Inventory management

  • Remote access

Available integrations

Integrate with favorite systems in a simple way: connect your Databases, ERP, OMS, Marketing and Social media platforms, third-party APIs, and many other business applications.