Content Management System solutions

Content Management System is a web-based application or set of similar programs, single page landings, blogs, business pages, multi-page websites, and complex portals. The main reasons to use it are the ability to create, store and manage website content, automate publishing processes, improve cross-selling, get live analysis, manage technical documentation and catalogs, edit reusable content for multiple channels in a few clicks.


We create CMS software for businesses

CMS software fits a lot of companies' needs: create a good experience for customers, improve website SEO ranking results, automate content updating, save time on manual tasks, which makes managers, sales and marketing staff lives much easier.

Usually, organizations and individuals use such popular CMSs like Umbraco, Kentico, OrchardCMS as a basis and optimize them for their particular domain. But for companies with individual business-oriented features, the most efficient solution is to build a CMS system from scratch. TwinCore helps to implement such solutions for businesses, as it works with all popular types of C# and .NET-based CMSs.

TwinCore built-in CMS solutions for meeting the companies needs

Simple Internationalization

Create and publish multilingual content as internationalization is one of the most important features for worldwide businesses. L10N and I18N processes can be flexible and easily organized with the right CMS system.

Easy content update

With the CMS, you can edit and manage content in live mode without spending additional efforts (time, resources, etc.). This option gives an ability to publish new content (images, text, videos, etc.) just in a few clicks from any device: laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile - device friendly approach.

No technical skills required

There’s no need to have any programming skills in order to update or modify content. CMS software allows to manage a blog, update prices, pictures, products descriptions, and other important information without coding.

Automated publishing

One of the main advantages for companies is the ability to automate content managing with any type of device. Customer relationship management system allows to schedule publishing and deleting the blog-posts, articles and new products at the right time.


CMS systems help optimizing content for search engines. You can fill in all important keywords, meta description, and tags for pictures and videos in the special fields. This tool helps to improve results and rank a website higher.


Save all the versions of pages, layouts, text and media files that were published before. This option gives an ability to check all previous content that was visible on the website. So, all types of content can be rolled back if needed.

CMS features and capabilities TwinCore can offer:

  • Adding functionality

  • Publishing Controls

  • Social Media Integration

  • Easy redesign

  • Multichannel publishing

  • Built-in SEO features

  • Comprehensive Search options

  • Analytics & visualization

  • Safe and Secure

  • Mobile optimization

The CMS solutions available at TwinCore: