Reasons to choose ASP.NET Core for Web Applications Development

 There are different famous technologies that might be used for modern web application development. Some of them are open-source, like PHP, Java, and ASP.NET Core, while others are closed-source, like ASP.NET MVC. Thanks to its rich functionality, ASP.NET Core has become very popular lately among other technologies for enterprise web application development.

This cross-platform framework combines the Web API and MVC structure and has many advantages that made it so attractive compared to similar solutions. According to JetBrains surveys, ASP.NET web application developers have the largest percentage in .NET development. Nearly 55% of respondents use ASP.NET Core technology.

There are many reasons to choose ASP.NET Core for web application development; these include flexible deployment, asynchronous programming, support of multiple languages, ease of maintenance, tighter security, cloud-based development, less coding, dependency injection, and many others. We decided to review the crucial characteristics that have made it so competitive.

  • High performance

Fast release cycles, less code in structure, and new upgrades result in much higher performance. ASP.NET Core’s compiler optimizes the code when it re-compiled, so it doesn’t need to be adjusted by a developer. Automated code improvement is one of the most attractive reasons to choose this technology, as it helps to provide flexible processes and quick results.

  • Razor Pages

This feature is new in the ASP.NET Core. It was created to facilitate page-focused coding, simplify the web UI creation, and reduce the number of additional actions caused by using controllers and views. The page-based coding architecture is much more productive because each page is independent and files are more organized - these are huge pros compared to ASP.NET MVC.

  • Cross-Platform Support

The latest ASP.NET Core has a cross-platform architecture, so applications created via this framework easily run on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Visual Studio IDE allows developers to choose any OS they wish to use. After the application is created, the code can be reused for other platforms or operating systems.

  • The MVC Architecture

The Model-View-Controller architecture helps developers to easily write, compile, and test code. There’s no need to spend additional time for IsPostBack & ViewState, the process can be easily controlled, managed, and modified.

  • Innovative

The latest ASP.NET Core has a cross-platform architecture, so applications are Different versions of ASP.NET Core can exist independently at the same time, on the same server, and not affect the outcome of each other. Side by Side Versioning enables the ability to run multiple versions of the application.

  • CSRF Protection

Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection will keep the web application secured. It is a crucial feature for enterprise-level software. CSRF protects from hackers attacks, and that’s an important thing that keeps apps secured. ASP.NET Core creates anti-forgery tokens.

  • In-Built Dependency Injection Support

One more benefit of ASP.NET Core web development is in-built dependency injection, which achieves the Inversion of Control (IoC). As a result, developers don’t need to use third-party frameworks, like Ninject. Web applications are becoming more extensible thanks to this feature

ASP.NET Core framework made developers’ lives much easier, workflow much productive, and expenses for enterprises lower.

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